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If the State requests evidence of Adequate Financial Resources from a respondent, evaluation of that respondent’s response will not continue until the respondent provides evidence of Adequate Financial Resources. All evidence of a respondent’s Adequate Financial Resources will be documented in the procurement file.   Download

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The form of the investment mandate shall be substantially in the form of the Fifth Schedule to these rules, and shall contain a statement that the client acknowledges that moneys so invested do not enjoy the protection of the Fund. Guide RAs_Engagements on...   Download

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This Spiritual Gifts Test consists of 140 statements (pages 2-5) that you are to respond to by entering in a number for each on the Analysis Sheet (page 7). Depending on how you feel about each statement, enter a number between 1 and 10 where 1 means that the statement does not describe you at all and 10 means that the statement describes you perfectly. This test is designed for Christians. If ...   Download