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Reverse mergers are a very popular way for small start-up companies to "go public" without all the trouble and expense of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). ... Cheap penny stocks are sometimes pushed by promoters who hold the stock in "street name" which mask's the true identity of owners. Once the reverse merger takes place, the promoters dump ...   Download

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Administer the Take Stock in Kentucky pre-test before you start teaching. (Post-test students after the program is over.) ... Low priced stocks, known as penny stocks, are very risky and volatile investments. Accordingly, brokers will not permit their customers to trade such securities on margin, just as SMG does not. Also, penny stocks tend to ...   Download

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5 Valuing Stocks. 6 The Trade-off Between Risk and Return. 7 Risk, Return, and the Capital Asset Pricing Model ... (rounding to the nearest penny): Take a moment to look over the last two examples of pricing options that use the binomial approach. Make a list of the data needed to price these options. ... Start by entering the input information.   Download

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Speculative stocks are those of start-up companies or companies that have lost much of their value and may or may not recover. Penny stocks refer to low-priced (below $5) speculative stocks of very small companies. “There is much volatility with these stocks,” Swanson says.   Download

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Don’t be influenced into buying into fundamentally unsound companies (penny stocks) based on sudden spurts in trading volumes or prices or favourable articles/stories in the media. ... Don’t start trading before reading and understanding the Risk Disclosure Documents. GUIDE BOOK...   Download

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There are many perils in the world of investing, some preventable and others not. ... like penny stocks, or puts aggressive—and suspect—messages on an electronic message board to spur your interest in a company. ... ____ 6. A work-at-home plan that requires start-up money from the investor is likely to make more money for the person who ...   Download

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As you start to earn money you need to PAY YOURSELF FIRST! Many people ask why, one should set aside money, the answer is to make a habit of saving money so that you can reach your financial goals. ... 2- High-risk “pennystocks and fraudulent securities. 3- Fraudulent franchises and business opportunities. 4- Internet services, 900 ...   Download

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are located on the website once you login into your account, but these are a few to start. Fee Structure: Commission: 1%. Interest: .75%. ... No penny stocks will be allowed to be purchased. Minimum price per trade: $3 ... Stock Market Game – Incentive ...   Download

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How can the answer be improved?   Download

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However, there is a happy medium between the over-analyzed market and highly risky penny stocks where individual investors can comfortably make money without resorting to guesswork. I recommend restricting technical analysis to stocks that trade at least 100,000 shares per day so that there is a liquid market for the stock. Why Technical Analysis Matters...   Download

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If you start early, your money will have more time to earn more money for you! That's why it's important to get your put-and-take account established as soon as you can. ... The fifth and final step is speculative investing in penny stocks, junk bonds, or collectibles, for example. Speculative investing involves high levels of risk, but it also ... Plan/Financial Management-Services/Banking and...   Download