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Where does the David Moglen Investment Strategy differ from the Jim Cramer Investment Strategy? No options buying or selling in Moglen Strategy. Automatic orders can be okay in certain circumstances in Moglen Strategy. Dividend reinvestment is not always required in Moglen Strategy. Can buy more than five individual stocks in Moglen Strategy.   Download

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” – stocks crashed. Bank Runs – People run to bank to get their money before there is none left. Farmers were already experiencing problems throughout the 1920s (overproduction) Responses to Depression. Herbert Hoover (Republican, 1929 – 1933) Told public business cycle would correct itself and did little to get government involved in ...   Download

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Speculators bought stocks with borrowed money, then pledged those stocks as collateral to buy more stocks. Brokers’ loans went from under $5 million in mid 1928 to $850 million in September 1929. Stock market boom was based on borrowed money & optimism instead of real value. Gov’t Policies: Mistakes in monetary policy   Download

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Successful trading depends on the 3 M’s – Mind, Method, and Money. Beginners focus on analysis, but professionals operate in a three-dimensional space. They are aware of trading psychology – their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. Psychology Notes for 2-17-09 Meetup.doc   Download

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9.1 Be familiar with the ways that companies use the money from the sale of stocks . Explain why little or no dividends are paid to stockholders who invest in growth stocks. Be able to give two reasons why people buy stock (do not say to make money!) Know what a stock split is and how it benefits the company/stockholders.   Download

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It may take a long time to get your money back . What are mutual funds? Mutual funds are “baskets” of stocks. A mutual fund contains a little bit of different stocks. You invest in many stocks at once but in small amounts . What are portfolios? A portfolio is a report of all your stocks, bonds, mutual funds.   Download

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In what ways is the stock market valuable to corporations? Companies raise the money required to finance their formation, operation, and expansion, and spread the risks associated with those purchases. Raise money on issuance of new stock, not day to day. Initial Public Offering (i.e. Alibaba – “went public” soaring 38% to close at $93.89)   Download

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Buy stocks, hold for short time, sell when price rises. Prices went up quickly. Many made lots of money “Bull Market”: long period of rising stock prices. Margin Buying. Buy stocks with as little as 5%, owe rest to stock broker. Stock was collateral. Prices begin to drop in 1929. Many sell, price drops more.   Download

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Buy and hold investing is widely accepted because it worked well for many years. Between 1980-1999 the market returned nearly 2600%, making a simple buy and hold strategy a suitable approach for the majority. Had stocks posted mediocre or negative returns over the period, it would not be the predominant strategy today.   Download


3. Did you make money overall or did you lose money? 4. Which stock in your portfolio had very little change? 5. What was your most volatile stock? 6. Did you sell anything before it actually dropped? If so which ones and why? 7. Did you use the teacup method and catch a …   Download

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Buying a mutual fund is a lot like going to a brand-new Chinese restaurant with friends. Maybe you crave moo shu pork, but the General Tso's chicken sounds good, too. And you have never been to this restaurant before, so picking just one dish is risky. What if the …   Download

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How much money do I need to get started? These days, you can open an online account with a brokerage with as little as $5. When you purchase stocks, your brokerage will generally charge you a commission fee of $5-25, depending on the type of brokerage and type of order you place. Will somebody always buy my stocks when I sell them? No.   Download

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- Much attention on strategies to make money trading stocks. i.e. by anticipating price changes - Expect price rise: buy low, sell high ! - Expect price fall: sell now if own it, “short” it if don’t own it. (short: borrow stock now, sell it at current high price, once . price falls buy it and pay back the borrowed stock)   Download

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Strict growth-at-a-reasonable-price investors seldom, if ever, buy growth stocks with PEG ratios that are far greater than 1. Q12.7 Over the long run, growth and value stocks categorized by price-book ratios, P/E ratios, or dividend yields display comparable rates of return. questions for final exam.doc   Download