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GOVERNMENT OF HIMACHAL PRADESH. ... word(s) and amount blank ,it will be presumed that contractor has included the cost of this/these item(s) in other items and rate for such item(s) will be considered as zero and work will be required to be executed accordingly. ... The contractor shall be furnished, free of cost one certified copy of contract ... HPPWD Final.doc   Download


Questions must be submitted in this editable WORD doc. Enter the RFP section number that the question is for in the “RFP Section” field (column 2). If the question is a general question not related to a specific RFP section, enter “General” in column 2.   Download

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The city was willing to let the department stay within its budget but not offer any other financial support. The town allowed the FD to buy five new fully equipped rigs replacing a …   Download

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6.15 PREPARATION OF CST/ RANKING STATEMENT. 6.15.1 Comparative Statement of Tenders. 6.15.2 Ranking Statement. ... if made with free consent of parties competent to contract, for a lawful consideration and with a lawful object is a contract. ... Financial Powers Financial power is the powers vested in an authority by the GOI or delegated to an ...   Download

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203.200 Physician’s Role in Long Term Care Facility Placement 10-13-03 Nursing home care in a Medicaid-certified long-term care facility is available to clients for whom nursing home care is a medical necessity. Inability to live alone or prepare meals, to handle financial affairs etc., does not constitute medical necessity.   Download


This page is intentionally left blank. 6. DISA ENCLAVE SECURITY IMPLEMENTATION DESCRIPTION AND EXTENSION REQUIREMENTS ... from other groups and information sharing between the two COIs. For example, to protect the privacy of sensitive financial, contractual, or personnel-related information from general access. ... The accreditation statement ...   Download

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THE SOCIAL SECURITY STATEMENT 33. EMPLOYER SERVICE LIAISON OFFICERS (ESLO) 34-37. ... Do not leave the box blank. Make sure your Employer Identification Number (EIN) reported on Forms W-2c and W-3c and, if applicable, Form 941c (Supporting Statement to Correct Information) is the same number issued by the IRS and used on all three types of ...   Download

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213.310 IndependentChoices Program, Title XIX State Plan Program 1-1-19 IndependentChoices is operated by the Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance (DPSQA) and operates under the authority of the Title XIX State Plan with the Division of Medical Services responsible for administrative and financial authority.   Download

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Chapter 4. Credit Underwriting. Overview. In this Chapter ... current financial statements prepared in a generally recognized format, including: ... *Tax-free income may be “grossed up” for purposes of calculating the debt-to-income ratio only (not residual income). This is a tool that may be used to lower the debt ratio for veterans who ...   Download