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There are also a few other clarifications and amendments, in particular about the Parole Board Victim Personal Statement (VPS). ... This should be done using the form at Annex K, entitled ‘Example request for out of area initial contact’, or a similar template developed locally.   Download

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PSI 28/2009 ‘Care and Management of Young People’ Audit/monitoring : ... Template Safeguarding Children Statement. Appendix 1 – Safeguarding Children Statement Guidance Note ... strategy. The statement(s) should be reviewed annually and be in a clear, succinct and young people appropriate form and must be made available in the young ...   Download

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Safer Recruitment Toolkit. ... plus documents such as a utility bill or financial statement that shows the candidate’s current name and address, and where appropriate change of name documentation. More information can be obtained from the Disclosure and Barring Service website. ... You must complete all sections of the Application Form in ...   Download


BANK GUARANTEE/BOND APPLICATION FORM. ... Please complete the following blank(s) and make the appropriate election by ticking the relevant box(es). ... genuineness, form, sufficiency, accuracy, falsification or legal effect of any statement, certificate, declaration or document presented or communicated under or in connection with any Guarantee ...   Download

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no transfer may be effected without an effective registration statement related thereto or an opinion of counsel in a form reasonably satisfactory to the company that such registration is not required under the securities act of 1933, as amended.” accredited and sophisticated purchaser.   Download

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The Bidder or its duly authorized representative shall submit a sworn statement in the form prescribed in Section VIII. Bidding Forms as required in ITB Clause 12.1(b)(iii). ... and no substitute form shall be accepted. All blank spaces shall be filled in with the information requested. ... Audited financial statement for the past two years; iv ... for Goods_5thEdition.doc   Download

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Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to others or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means (electronic, mechanical, reprographic recording or otherwise) without prior written consent of the owner. This page was intentionally left blank - Project Engineering...   Download

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N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-1 et seq. (Current as of June 7, 2007) ... 41 18A:18A-40 All contracts shall be in writing Form and execution of contracts and bonds. 41 18A:18A-40.1 Partial payments ... prepared and standardized for like classes of work, by the department together with a fee of $10.00. The statement shall develop fully the financial ability ...   Download

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9.2.4 Once data entry of a form is complete, and the summary form reviewed for completeness and accuracy, the investigator or the research staff presses the “Complete Form Submission” button on the form summary screen and the data is transferred into the clinical database. Template with...   Download

doc ico   Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) 2007/8 - MICT SETA

Role of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report in the NSDS 2. ... Gazette No 27801 Vol. 481. The grant application contains a training plan for the financial year (2007/08) and a training report for the financial year (2006/07). ... This form should remain blank if there are no such learners in …   Download

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PART ONE. ADMINISTRATION ... issuing a Complaint Acknowledgement form and Incident Report Form regarding the incident and ensuring the information is relayed to the security officer who will pass the same to DFA. ... use of, or loss of equipment, sleeping while on duty, smoking whilst on post, making a false official report or statement ...   Download

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All Tenderers will self-certify under the Tenderer’s Statement (Appendix 3): “We satisfy the Qualification Criteria as set out at paragraph 3.2.A of the RFT and, if requested by the Contracting Authority, shall immediately furnish such evidence as may demonstrate our economic and financial capacity in accordance with the said paragraph 3.2 ...   Download