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The signature for the Form of Tender/Tender Proposal Form must be that of a Principal or Director of the firm. Tenders must be in the format prescribed in the Form of Tender/Tender Proposal Form and all required documents must be submitted.   Download

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d.The limitations placed upon the commissioner pursuant to this act shall not restrict the commissioner's authority to supervise the compliance by school districts with the requirements of the "Public School Contracts Law," N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-1 et seq., and to seek all other remedies pursuant to Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes. L.1999,c.55,s.1.   Download

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A Bidder may be a firm that is a private entity, a state-owned enterprise or institution subject to ITB 4.6, or any combination of such entities in the form of a joint venture (JV) under an existing agreement or with the intent to enter into such an agreement supported by a letter of intent.   Download

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Bid Form and Price Schedules 21.1 The Bidder shall complete the Bid Form—Second Stage and the appropriate Price Schedules furnished in the bidding documents in the manner and detail indicated therein, following the requirements of ITB Clauses 22 and 23.   Download

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Use this form to determine which measures you can obtain from your organization and therefore, don’t need to use the worksheets. Be sure the data is current and not months old. Be sure the data is current and not months old.   Download


Earned Value Management (EVM) is a program management tool that integrates the technical, cost, and schedule parameters of a contract. During the planning phase, an integrated baseline is developed by time phasing budget resources for defined work. As work is performed and measured against the baseline, the corresponding budget value is “earned”. From this earned value metric, cost and ... Earned Value Management...   Download

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The form will remain available on the web until the “Complete Form Submission” button is depressed. 9.2.4 Once data entry of a form is complete, and the summary form reviewed for completeness and accuracy, the investigator or the research staff presses the “Complete Form Submission” button on the form summary screen and the data is transferred into the clinical database. Template with...   Download

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PSI 28/2009 ‘Care and Management of Young People’ Audit/monitoring : Compliance will be monitored within the operational management line. Executive summary . Background . The purpose of this PSI is to define the principles upon which Governors of establishments holding young people must operate regimes, where they differ from adult regimes, and to provide additional guidance that is ...   Download

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File names should be of the form “” Use Adobe Type 1 fonts when creating your figures, if possible. 4) Other Ways: Experienced computer users can …   Download


Template Clinical Trial Agreement 2015 – the Netherlands. Clinical Trial Agreement (Template agreement for . industry initiated and sponsored. Clinical Trials, with human subjects, conducted by non-academic (STZ) hospitals and NKI/AvL in The Netherlands)   Download